Essay on Exposed: WikiLeaks

Essay on Exposed: WikiLeaks

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WikiLeaks is an organization that releases confidential information that they have received about countries. They receive this information from other people who have obtained it, but do not want to release it themselves. WikiLeaks has been around for several years, but recently they released information about the United States that has threatened national security. This information is not open only to citizens of the United States, but everyone around the world. With the release of this information, WikiLeaks has affected the United States in different ways. It has affected the citizens of the country, politicians, foreign affairs, and other countries’ opinions of the United States.
Some believe that WikiLeaks is a good organization, and others think that it is bad. Some people think it is good because the citizens of a country should be able to know all the information about it, without the government keeping secrets. WikiLeaks has also not illegally obtained the information. Others think that it is bad for the country because people can use the information to hurt the United States or her people. For example, in 2008, information from Sarah Palin’s E-mail account was stolen and put on WikiLeaks (Palin E-mail). This information could have hurt her reputation and made it more difficult for her and her running mate to win the election. This is only a small example of what could happen. In the leaked information, they do not censor anybody’s name; so, if a general in the army had done something wrong, people could find out the general’s name, track him, and kill him.
Information that is leaked may not only hurt individuals specifically, but it could hurt the government and their relationships with other countries. Som...

... middle of paper ...

...Press Briefing.” 17 Jan. 2011. .

“Netanyahu: Let Arabs say the truth out loud.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“Netanyahu: Israel unharmed by WikiLeaks revelations.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“Obama aides condemn WikiLeaks; Obama orders review.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“People will no longer speak to American diplomats frankly.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“WikiLeaks.” 17 Jan. 2011. .

“WikiLeaks cables.” 17 Jan. 2011. .

“WikiLeaks release of embassy cables reveals US concerns.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“WikiLeaks shows America’s imperious attitude toward Pakistan.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

“WikiLeaks: Australia FM blames US, not Julian Assange.” 20 Jan. 2011. .

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