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The Exponential Renaissance Essay

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Cognoscere est esse (laten), To know is to be.A great defining quotes from Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639). Defines the renaissance. The renaissance was a time of rebirth. Art, Ideas, Way of life. They all changed. Neoclassicism new/old ideas emerged. The people became enlightened once again. This was one age of new light the rebirth from the “dark ages” they discovered new/old ideas that were lost. There were also inventions that were important at this time like the printing press. The printing was important because it made literal material copyable. This affected people. This help them become more literal. This means more people were readers. Elevating their intelligences. More intelligent people more enlightenment. This new intelligence is what inspired change. Change is what fueled the renaissance.
However, not only did ideas change. Theater changed as well. Theater became truth seeing or, Verisimilitude. Along with new ideas like Purity of genres this means simply, comedy and tragedy are not mixed, The Three Unities, Unity of time (reasonable 24 hours or less),
Unity of Place (no more than one place), Unity of Action (no subplots, counter plots), The Five Act Form, has something to teach, moral precepts, to please (Derived from Seneca and Horace), Raked Stage ( higher in back [upstage] than front [downstage]). All this contributed to the new birth in the Renaissance.
Characters also changed. Stock Characters evolved, they are Pantalone (old man fool), Dottore (doctor/drunk/gluten), Capitano ( braggart soldier), Innamorati (young lovers), Zanni (foolish servants). This starts serotypes.
Some plays today have this elements in them. Other are timeless because of it.
The Renaissance produced argumentatively the best or most ...

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...element was Verisimilitude which means truth seeking if you forgot. To me this did have something to teach integrity to stand up for whats right, and to stand strong to resist what's wrong.
What’s all this mean? Well The Renaissance was a time of change for everything theater and life. Out of Ideas and change came elements that where the rules of the game. Some changes that happened were characters changed costumes and stages changed. Giving birth to some of the greatest playwright like Christopher Marlowe. To how he injects elements into his plays. More specifically The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. To how it all goes down. Thats the summary of my essay.

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