The Explosion Of Social Networking Sites Essay

The Explosion Of Social Networking Sites Essay

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1. The explosion of social networking sites
1. Personal
2. Professional
2. The increase of youthful users
3. Parental education
1. What is current and emerging social networking sites are attracting our youth
2. Understanding the commonalities of social networking sites
3. Learn how to protect your child in a virtual community
1. Social networking sites your child may be using
1. Current popular sites
a) Facebook
(1) The largest site in the world
(2) Over a billion registered users (GCFLearnFree, 2015)
(3) Provides users a digital conduit with which connections and sharing occur with family, friends, organizations or companies (Milanovic, 2015)
(a) Website
(b) Smart device applications
(4) The site has been integrated into other sites and applications
(a) Single sign on and account creation
b) Twitter
(1) Like Facebook, Twitter is extremely popular
(2) Communication on Twitter is simpler and requires less effort (Milanovic, 2015)
(3) It is a micro blogging network
(a) Users post messages in real-time bursts
(i) A limit of 140 characters per...

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