Essay about Exploring the Writing Style of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Essay about Exploring the Writing Style of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Throughout Nathaniel Hawthorne’s literary career, he utilized multiple literary techniques. He was an example for countless writers and is still a model for authors today. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s employment of modern themes and style, along with the effect of influences on his writing, paved the way for his renowned career as an author.
One important factor in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writing was the use of modern themes. The problem of guilt is a major theme in Hawthorne’s works. Hawthorne demonstrates this theme in different novels and short stories through his characters. He shows guilt forced by a character’s traditions and culture Some other themes include pride, Puritan New England, allegory, alienation, and initiation. He illustrates pride as evil and uses physical pride, spiritual pride, and intellectual pride. Early New England is a location used by Hawthorne in many of his writings. It serves as a background for his various symbols and helps the characters’ developments (Reuben).
Another one of 
Hawthorne’s modern themes used in several of his works was his perspecti...

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