Exploring The Spacious Realm Of The Beautiful Essay

Exploring The Spacious Realm Of The Beautiful Essay

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In Introduction to Aesthetics, G.W.F. Hegel’s opening paragraphs describe the spacious realm of the beautiful, the relationship of beauty in both nature and art, and the limitation and defense of aesthetics. Hegel addresses that the proper way to express the meaning of aesthetics is to refer to it as Philosophy of Fine Art, however, once adopting this expression humans, “exclude the beauty of nature” (Hegel). As humans, it has become a way of life to use our senses to help describe the beauty of nature, animals and other people in our world. According to Hegel, “beauty of art is higher than nature” (Hegel) and it is the art that is created by the spirit that stands above that of nature. Nature is an incomplete substance and the, “realms of nature have not been classified and examined from the point of view of beauty” (Hegel). Therefore, there is a difference between the beauty of nature and the beauty of art and this reading focuses on the beauty of art and its expression from the spirit’s beauty.
The next issue Hegel discusses is, “whether fine art shows itself deserving of a scientific treatment” (Hegel) and how instead art might be a way of entertainment for the spirit and whether that is displaying evil life or is an indulgence and relaxation of the spirit. A view that Hegel describes is how art itself is a mediator between reason and sense and between inclination and duty and that one can argue that art is not made any worthier of scientific discussion because it is a mediator. Hegel tries to explain how art is regarded as a means, and that in some cases tries to be, “more serious aims in fact, and produces more serious effects, the means that is uses for this purpose is deception” (Hegel). However, Hegel says that art is no...

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...lity and occupying its higher place” (Hegel). There might be some correlation between art 500 years ago and art today. Art can used as a form of expression of intellectual thought as well as a form of entertainment. Hegel says that for today, art is a greater need and for knowing philosophically what art is.
Finally, after going through the different points of views and acknowledging the different arguments, himself and the reader come to the result that, “neither is fine art unworthy of philosophical treatment, nor is philosophical treatment incapable of descrying the essence of fine art” (Hegel). Hegel states that both philosophizing and scientific procedure are inseparable. Art’s true objective is to bring the most interests of spirit to the spirit’s mind. Fine art is a mixture and combination of different components, historical, philosophical and intellectual.

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