Exploring the Role of Women in Mexico in Like Water For Chocolate Essay

Exploring the Role of Women in Mexico in Like Water For Chocolate Essay

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Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel explains women’s roles in northern Mexico during the turn of the nineteenth century. The novel takes place in northern Mexico on a family ranch where many family traditions are carried out. Also, the novel describes some of the typical foods that were prepared and fiestas that were celebrated in the Mexican culture around this time. However, the novel mainly focuses on the roles of females in Mexican society at that time. The novel goes beyond explaining women’s roles and also explains what took place in the Mexican family. Throughout the novel, readers learn the role of mothers, the conflict between personal desires and tradition, and typical foods, celebrations, and family traditions that were important to a Mexican family.

The background of an author plays a significant role in the reason he or she writes a novel. The story is often written about his or her culture. Laura Esquivel, a novelist, teacher, and screenwriter, was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Laura Esquivel was born the third of four children to a middle-class family. The biography of Laura Esquivel from “The Biography Channel website” states that, “Laura Esquivel often explores the relationship between men and women in Mexico in her work” it is obvious by the way Esquivel describes the traditional roles of both men and women in Mexico that her background played a large part in her work (“Laura Esquivel”). Laura Esquivel’s novels are still loved and cherished today due to her “creative flair and style in her work” (“Laura Esquivel”). Laura Esquivel found her inspiration for her novel from her personal experience and hands on time in the kitchen. In “Literature of Developing Nations for Students”, there is a section regar...

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