Exploring the Popularity of Non Stick Frying Pans Essay examples

Exploring the Popularity of Non Stick Frying Pans Essay examples

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Non-stick frying pans are one of the most common kitchen utensils today. Frying pan is mostly used for cooking. The non stick frying pans are made of two components, the metal body and the Non Stick layer. Actually the surface of the non stick frying pan is coated with a layer of oil or fat when the pan is in use. The layer of oil has four functions: it lubricates the surface; increases contact between the food and the pan; acts as a thermal mass to reduce the cooking time; and can be increases flavor and color.

Frying pans were made of cast iron. Cast iron is mostly used for outdoor cooking. Now frying pans are made from metals, such as aluminium and Stainless steel. Frying pans can be also made of copper.

The first frying pan was made of a cooper. And it first use in Mesopotamia and Greece. In Greece they were called “Teganon” and in Rome they called patella. The first non stick frying pan was introduced by DuPont in 1956. The product still has some limitation because the coating is poor and this make the standard of the kitchen utensils.

Radioactivity is a particle that released from nuclei as the result from the unstable nuclear. Because the nucleus it’s a conflict experiences that intense between the two strongest forces in nature so there are many nuclear isotopes that unstable and emit some radiations.

Using a frying pan
Non stick frying pan can be use for many foods that fried. The function is when we cooked food that a little wet; the parts of the foods not stick in the frying pan. Non stick frying pan is different from an ordinary frying pan. The non stick frying pan has two layers which are the metal body and the Non Stick layer and the ordinary frying pan has one layer which is the ...

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