Exploring the Meanings and Morals of Fairytales Essay

Exploring the Meanings and Morals of Fairytales Essay

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Fairytales are usually associating with the split between real life and happy endings. An evil and a good character clash at one point in the story, leaving the good character with a choice that either helps or hurts them. Reading Cinderella emphasizes the real life events and her happily ever after as a sign of hope in her unfortunate lifestyle. Cinderella makes the decision to disobey her stepmother and go to the ball, and that decision to be rebellious against her guardian figure eventually led her to a good outcome, which is the finding of her prince charming. In this situation Cinderella is the good character who normally always does as she is told even through her stepmothers harsh mistreatment, leaving her stepmother and stepsisters as the evil figures. Reading fairytales often leads you to incorporate real life situations in the stories read and apply the lessons learned into your own life. Stories allow us to expand our imaginations and gives us hope in creating our own fairy tale endings through the characters strengths through the difficult situations they are shown in. Fairy tales are important because they give you a sense of desire for freedom, which most children can relate to in society. Many individuals can compare their lives to fairy tales which allows them to better understand the direction the story is leading in, and can understand the desire for hope and freedom given off by the good character. Reading children stories even as an adult can provide you with a temporary escape from reality, which is another reason why I believe fairy tale stories can have such an impact on both adults and children of all ages. This being true, I believe fairy tales can apply to people of all ages and can never be “grown out...

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...many different theorys of interpretation. Overall, fairy tales are very intriguing and allows readers to expand their imagination to create meanings and morals given in fairy tales which will give them a sense of hope for their future.

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