Exploring the Impact of Epidemiology and Political Economy on Fighting Cardiovascular Disease

Exploring the Impact of Epidemiology and Political Economy on Fighting Cardiovascular Disease

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Society is unaware of how vital epidemiology and political economy is to cardiovascular disease and as well as their well being. One of the leading causes of death in society is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease usually occurs in low income families. An epidemiologist studies the causes and transmission of the ailment within a population. As an epidemiologist, they need to take into account factors such as: the population’s usage of tobacco, an individual’s unhealthy diet, and the person’s physical inactivity. In political economy the use consumption of tobacco products is one of the most profitable and an influential cash crop as it heavily influences individuals. Political economists see “different groups as having inherently contradictory views or interests and capitalism, characterized itself by contradictions and specific trends (Coburn, 2006)”. Without epidemiology and political economy it would be difficult for cardiovascular disease to further its research to find preventive measures on the spread of the disease.
Political economy is crucial to everyone in society. The three Esping-Andersen Typology of Welfare States is the Social Democratic, Liberal and Conservative. The wealthy have unlimited health resources such as private health care. For middle class families, clinical care of cardiovascular disease patients can be extremely expensive and long-lasting. The direct costs avert the sparse family and “societal resources to medical care (World Health Organization, 2009)”. Cardiovascular disease usually affects individuals in their mid life years which interrupts families reliant on them and undermining the developing of the nation by “depriving valuable human resources in their most productive years (World ...

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