Essay on Exploring the Future

Essay on Exploring the Future

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Science Fiction often opens the eyes of humanity so we can try to imagine what the future will hold. More specifically, Science Fiction movies allow us to explore examples of utopian or dystopian societies. They allow us to explore different planets in outer space. Due to all of the creative components found in the set designs of several science fiction movies, a viewer can watch the movie and escape reality. The interesting innovations seen in the set designs look very futuristic so the viewer’s imagination is inspired and lets you indulge in the film.
The Science Fiction movie entitled “Gattaca” is a clear example because of its futuristic and captivating set designs that keep the viewer interested and lets your imagination run wild. “Gattaca” was directed and written by Andrew Nicool in the year 1997. The movie lets us explore the future and imagine what would happen if ones whole life was determined with the prick of a finger. At birth you are categorized as valid or invalid which determines your destiny and future failures or accomplishments. Your DNA becomes the entrance to your identity. With a simple handshake, the touch of a doorknob, even a single eyelash, technological advancements allow scientists to reveal whether you are deemed as valid or invalid in society. In this paper, I will critically analyze the set design in the movie “Gattaca”, because it is the best method to visualize the future, which allows us to imagine how the future will be.
The set design in the office setting allows the viewer to visualize a working environment that is very structured and governed. All the employees are dressed alike in black attire. They work and even walk in a very orderly manner that gives the viewer the impression of r...

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... is only of the many futuristic movies that allow the viewer to expand their imagination and explore the possibilities of the future. The film’s captivating set design allows the viewer to get a visual perspective of technological advancements and scientific motivations that can alter the lives of human beings drastically. In fact, as seen in the article written by Aguila, several scientific experiments have already been conducted to genetically modify human genes. The movie helps the viewer explore the possibilities that DNA innovations offer. Furthermore, although this film is science fictional viewers should not disregard the information proposed within the plot, but rather use their imagination to further explore what the movie has to offer. The future is ours to conquer, why not use our intellectual mind frames to examine possibilities and futuristic utopias.

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