Exploring The Effectiveness Of Primary Health Care Essay

Exploring The Effectiveness Of Primary Health Care Essay

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In order to properly analyze the effectiveness of primary health care models in British Columbia, one needs to first look at BC’s background information pertaining to the matter. Hence in this paragraph, I will examine British Columbia’s priorities, initiatives and intended outcomes relating to its primary health care delivery. To help achieve an ideal primary health care system, seven priorities have been established in BC’s Primary Health Care Charter. The first priority is to improve access to primary health care. The idea is that primary health care system should be accessible regardless of where a patient lives in BC, and should be available on the same day they need it. One initiative for this priority is the implementation of special programs that would pay the tuition of medical students for obligatory service in rural areas. The second priority is to improve maternity care. Considering the fact that there are over 40,000 births in BC each year, it makes sense that maternity care is seen as a health priority. Initiatives include increasing the number of prenatal care providers such as midwives and expanding their role as maternity care providers. The third and fourth priority is to increase chronic disease prevention in the population and enhance management for it in those that already have chronic diseases. 34 percent of the total population in BC have at least one chronic disease, and these individuals consume around 80 percent of the combined MSP, PharmaCare and Acute Care budgets. Furthermore, findings show that individuals’ life style and diet, among other socio-economic factors, can significantly impact their risk of having chronic diseases. Therefore, prevention focusing on promotion of good life styles against chr...

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...eam will work together to aid you biologically, mentally and socio-economically, covering all determinants of chronic disease. If co-morbidity is present in a patient, related health tasks will be divided up and delegated to different professionals in the inter-professional team to insure maximum efficiency. Physicians of the Family Health Team are given incentive payments for priority services such as palliative care, thus it makes sense that the physicians would give better care to the frail elderly and terminally ill. As can be seen, Family Health Team model fulfills all seven priorities on the BC primary healthcare charter, where fee-for-service model barely addressed any priority. Since Family Health Team model is theoretically closer to the ideal BC healthcare system than BC’s current FFS model, it is not unreasonable to consider replacing FFS with FHT model.

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