Exploring The Different Perspectives Taken From Selected Students Who Have Taken Art Based Courses

Exploring The Different Perspectives Taken From Selected Students Who Have Taken Art Based Courses

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This article is a qualitative article exploring the different perspectives taken from selected students who have taken art-based courses in higher education and an investigative research on why incorporating this style of learning is important for cultures. The purpose of the article is clearly stated from the beginning to the end. The author expresses clearly what the primary purposes of the article are and the primary purposes of the article are these two key things. The first is increasing representation of people of color in the curriculum of adult and higher education programs. As students of color rise academically and professionally, they are challenged by commonly held beliefs and ideologies that members of the White majority view them, particularly when it comes to African Americans; the lack of cultural responsiveness in terms of concerns about students of color. Within this first purpose one definite question needs to be answered; what is the most effective way to develop and implement a curriculum that represents all learners but equally appeals to a diverse representation of said learners. The reader is given the reason why the author chose to research the subject matter that this article details. Learning through one aspect of learning, lack of cultural heritage when learning and a strong focus on one level of intelligence are all challenges that the author faced that opened her eyes on the one-sidedness of adult and higher education educators. Through this realization, the author turns her focus to art-based learning and how this particular method can be a way to incorporate other cultures into learning and represent those cultures in the curriculum. The author gives the reader research from other educators and scho...

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...e gave me ideas on how to better incorporate race, culture, and artistic learning in the things that I do to help adult learners and my fellow educators. By learning about the personal accounts of the author, to her study and findings I’ve learned so much about different framework, and previous findings on the topics. The article was written well with the intent of the article, the framework, and findings of the study clear and understandable to the reader and those who could use this article for their own research on the topic. It is organized to give you the information on how the study came to be, the methods that they used for the study and finally the results and conclusion of the study. The author has given us details on the subjects that were used for the research and the research methodology appears to be a sound way of discovering the answer to the research.

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