Exploring The Deeper Thoughts Of The Young Prince Of Denmark Essay

Exploring The Deeper Thoughts Of The Young Prince Of Denmark Essay

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The question asked by Hamlet “To be, or not to be?” (III.i.57.) analyzes the deeper thoughts of the young prince of Denmark. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the battle between living life or dying runs repeatedly through Hamlet’s head. In this famous soliloquy, Hamlet ponders the feelings going through his head, during his monologue, on whether he should live with the disruptions in his life or end it all at once. Hamlet’s life, both fulfilling and depressing, made him act out more when it came to interacting with other people. With all the people who admired him, he still managed to push everyone away using his sarcastic antics to degrade them intentionally. Not only does he portray this type of personality to people, but the change in so many personalities after his father was murder, only made people skeptical. Because Hamlet has so many personalities, it causes depression to arise when circumstances surface, forcing him to obtain an obsession in conveying vengeance for his father even if it meant betraying his mother and the King.
Hamlet has shown many traits throughout the play that portray his personality through things like sarcasm. When Hamlet is speaking he is not just speaking from his serious side of life but his humorous side as well. By using sarcasm, he is intentionally trying to either be mean to someone or make fun of another. Hamlet speaks with vivid speech that creates shear imagery to the audience without him actually meaning what his words are saying. In the line “It shall to the barber’s with your beard” (II.ii.479), Hamlet wasn’t really saying that he was actually going to cut the play short and by throwing in Polonius’ beard, it really made for a real sarcastic moment in the play. Polonius was trying to ...

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... to be. His loyalty to his father piloted him to his death, therefore making his most fatal flaw procrastination. Trusting that his time would come to kill Claudius led to his procrastination to kill him, that gave Claudius time to plot a plan to kill him. Hamlet had the chance all along to kill King Claudius but chose to wait for the perfect time. He explained, “To take him in the purging of his soul/ When he is fit and seasoned for his passage?/No.” (III.iii.86-88). At this moment he is just waiting to kill him when he is sinning already and not when he is repenting to the Lord for forgiveness. By procrastinating, Hamlet gave Claudius time to plan with Laertes to kill him saying, “To cut his throat i’ th’ church.” (IV.vii.27). He put himself in this situation by delaying his attack. Hamlet’s personality contributed to his fatal demise with a riveting story to tell.

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