Essay on Exploring The Coffee Shop Industry

Essay on Exploring The Coffee Shop Industry

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A cup of Joe, Java or brew, it goes by many names. It can be your morning jump-start or afternoon pick me up to be enjoyed alone or with the company of others. It 's a drinkable source of energy that is enjoyed in the United States and in many other places around the globe. It 's no wonder coffee is such a popular commodity. Companies such as Starbucks and Peets’ have revolutionized the coffee shop industry in the US, by making it easy and convenient for consumers to purchase single-serving cups of coffee. Not only is the service quick and convenient but it also allows consumers the ability to personalize their drinks to their desired preference, making it a more enjoyable experience than having a cup of instant coffee at home. In this paper I will be exploring the coffee shop industry, which will be defined as firms who sell single-serving cups of coffee to their consumers.

Brief History
During present day, one immediately thinks of coffee consumption done in the form of liquid, but this is not how people originally consumed it. Beginning around 575 C.E. coffee beans ...

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