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Exploring 20th Century Literature Essays

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Keeping an online interactive journal (blog) has been very beneficial to my learning this semester in a variety of ways. It has enabled me to have a drive for knowledge that carries throughout the entire semester rather than the frantic rush off to learn a whole semester worth of work for an exam. This has been greatly helpful as it has allowed my knowledge of the subject content to develop as the weeks progressed and I believe has helped me to gain a greater understanding of the workings of the modernist writers of the 20th century.
This constant “topping up” or furthering of content knowledge has also immensely supported me on the weeks that I was absent or having difficulty. This is because I was able to target the issues early on and ask for help where it was required from both peers and lecturers. This is turn then stops the rush to find the right answer, and possibility of missing it, that comes without the constant upkeep of the content.
The blogs have also provided a giant group of sorts to feed and gain different perspectives off. If I was ever stuck with content or blog topics I was able to find someone who had completed and it was helpful in structuring and forming my own opinions and ideas surrounding the given topic. I know from the comments that my work has also been beneficial to the development of understanding of my peers, which reiterates my ideas. A blog question that I particularly had trouble on initially was the one based around Kafka’s Metamorphosis, I didn’t even know how to begin but reading a few peoples blog entries such as kingswood200 becwhitley and bloodygoodliterature finding them engaging and interesting stories and lifting off my creative metamorphic journey.
The use and encouragement of exploratio...

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...ounger years beginning with the way she would dress and hold herself. She goes on to say that “Men were a skill, you had to have good hands, breathe into their nostrils, as for horses.” (Greenblatt 2981) This shows her depiction of men as nothing more than something that can be achieved rather then something capable of affection. This is then juxtaposed with the last few lines of the forth stanza including “It was never the sex, it was the other things, the absence of flowers” (Greenblatt 2982). This expresses that the desire for something more is there and the need to develop relationships with the opposite sex was not realised until she believed she was past her days. This shows us her concern with the way that she and though who have followed after her, “Now there are more of me.” (Greenblatt 2982), need to be more concerned with the relationships that are formed.

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