Essay on Exploring Psychology Careers : Psychology

Essay on Exploring Psychology Careers : Psychology

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Exploring Psychology Careers
Erin McLinsky
April 25, 2016
Dr. Sheila Rapa

Exploring Psychology Careers
There are numerous benefits to students who decide to major in psychology. According to Landrum and Davis (2007), some of the benefits to majoring in psychology include, “having a well-defined vocabulary and basic knowledge of the critical subject matter in psychology; valuing the intellectual challenges required to use scientific thinking and the disciplined analysis of information to evaluate alternative courses of action; taking a creative and amiable skeptic approach to problem solving; applying psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues at work, relationships, and the broader community; acting ethically; being competent in using and evaluating information and technology; communicating effectively in different modes and with many different audiences; recognizing, understanding and fostering respect for diversity; and being insightful and reflective about one’s own and others’ behavior and mental processes.” However, upon my own thinking and learning, I have found that some of the key benefits to majoring in psychology are that a psychology degree can open the doors to different careers, the job outlook for psychology majors is good, a psychology degree can allow you the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives and a difference in your community, and it allows you the educational background to advance in your graduate educational studies if you wish to. Also, psychology allows the student to pursue specialization in an area that they are passionate about and future employers will hold a degree in psychology very high. I am one of those people who have always wanted to make a d...

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...Family Counselor is a Master’s Degree with a license to practice in the state that they are working in. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Couple and Family Counselor’s median annual salary is $43,190. This equates to roughly $20.77 per hour. This statistic was also from May 2015. The growth rate for this job field is nineteen percent for the years of 2014-2024. This is much faster than the average growth rate for jobs in the United States.

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