Essay on Exploring Pre-Islamic Arabia and Islamic Marriage Practices

Essay on Exploring Pre-Islamic Arabia and Islamic Marriage Practices

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In history, it can be observed that western views are the prominent ideology in the world. It seems that for centuries Western and Islamic ideals have clashed and caused many disputes then and now. Women’s Rights in Islam have been a very controversial topic in the ‘western’ media for quite some time now. Often one of the most pressing topics has been the ‘expected’ dress code of women, as well as many pre-Islamic practices such as honor killing that have been abolished. It is not often understood that the exercise of these pre-Islamic actions that do in fact restrict the rights of women are the exception not the norm. But, looking at tradition can also lead to the understanding that women in fact are elevated in society due to Islam. The shared tradition in the western world and in Islam of marriage includes both men and women equally. Therefore it seems fitting to analyze legal affair that equally includes both men and women, which exists in both the western and Islamic world. While examining the “rights” of anyone it is important to establish the guidelines of what “rights” actually entail. Hence, for the purpose of the presented argument when the ‘rights’ of women are referred to throughout this paper, it will be referring to rights that comply with the standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. Through an analysis of Islamic Shari’a law pertaining to men and women equally, it is revealed that the advent of Islam has improved the rights of women in the Muslim world in comparison to pre-Islamic Arabia. This is divulged through the exploration of pre-Islamic Arabia and Islamic Marriage practices and how they uncover the status of gender equality in Islam.

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... Therefore the advent of Islam, and modern Islamic believes (including Islamic Shari’a law) do not oppress women, they actually elevate the status of Women in Islam and protect their rights as equal human beings in society. This was proved by analyzing the practice of Islamic marriage, one of the few areas in any legal jurisdiction that involves both men and women in an equal nature. The analysis provided only a glimpse of the gender equality “issues” in Islam, and did shine light on the fact that the practice of marriage in Islam itself was vastly different than the Western practice of marriage. Furthermore, until western scholars begin to see that their practices are not the only way to engage in life there will always be a ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ with Islam in question. “Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.”

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