Exploring Piracy within Systems Essay

Exploring Piracy within Systems Essay

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Executive Summary:

In this research document, we explore piracy within systems. As informatics students we find that it is essential to understand all aspects of systems and the role they play in aiding the transfer of illegal, copywrite, intellectual property of others.

With extensive research into file sharing, we have discovered that that peer-to-peer file exchange is one of the most common enabler of the exchange of illegal data. Peer-to peer file exchange occur both physically through the use of USB drives and CD’s as well as over the internet, through the use of e-mails, shared files and torrents.

We then took a look at existing piracy threats focusing mainly on torrents and laws implemented to help discontinue notorious piracy sites.

Within out research we discovered the innovative programming of Bram Cohen and his pioneering creation of The BitTorrent Protocol. In order to fully understand the mechanics of this system we dissect the system into step-by-step process to understand the true systems thinking and development that went into creation the protocol, and understanding its reason for success.

To round of our research we dive into the nature and functioning of some of the most notorious torrenting sites such as Kick Ass Torrents and The Pirate Bay analyzing the full effect of piracy in a systems context.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents:
Plagiarism Report: 2
Executive Summary: 3
Table of Contents: 4
Introduction: 5
Piracy 5
Systems 5
Piracy as a System 5
Problem Statement: 6
Body: 7
File Sharing 7
What is torrenting and how does it link to Piracy? 8
BitTorrent 10
Torrent Search Engines 12
Procedures: 15
Conclusion: 16
List of References: 17

Piracy is typically an ac...

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...violate any laws and continue to download it using the torrent. If at any stage we did not understand how something worked or what was going on within the system we would do further research, such as how seeding works.


Due to the ease at which file sharing can occur, thanks to peer-to-peer file sharing, piracy over the internet has increased drastically. It has also become very hard for the law to implicate offenders and track the where about of the original source as each file contains a history of over 100,000 users. Torrenting and peer-to-peer file sharing are two amazing and revolutionary systems that aid in the transferal of large data files, which under normal situation would take months to transfer. Unfortunately this innovation has been abused and has developed and is often viewed in a negative due to the way that people use it.  

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