Essay on Exploring My Five Islands Of Personality

Essay on Exploring My Five Islands Of Personality

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An individual’s personality can be determined by certain events, hobbies, or influenced by those who surround them. In Riley’s life, her personality had been determined by those characteristics. Her five main islands of personality were: Goofball Island, Family Island, Friendship Island, Hockey Island, and Honesty Island. These correlated to some event that occurred in her life, or a “core memory”. For example, Goofball Island was developed after she streaked through the house as a child, running away from her father. As shown in the movie “Inside Out” (Docter & del Carmen, 2015), Riley’s experiences would change the islands, either straying away from, or adding to them. In my personal life, I would define my five islands as: Nature Island, Family Island, Comedy Island, Creativity Island, and Ambition Island. These have a unique origin, due to specific “core memories”. I do not have a clearly defined physical dwelling. Like Riley, I have experienced moving from one place to another. However, I learned that a physical dwelling does not have to define one’s personality. Since coming to Eastern Mennonite University, all of these islands have been affected to benefit me and those around me.
My five islands of personality have specific “core memories” attached to them. The five islands are: nature, family, comedy, creativity, and ambition. These islands were formed in my childhood in the city I grew up in. I do not have a permanent physical home, yet these five islands and my memories are home to me. Since family was my main influence for the most important and defining years of my life, all of these islands stem from memories with family.
Nature, the first island of my personality, has its origins from splashing in rain puddles and ...

... middle of paper ...

...been able to tap into my creative island through art and through ideas involving business. Just in the past week, I’ve been able to participate with the art department at EMU to draw and paint. I have many goals for the future, and while the stress of those goals and all the hard work needed to accomplish those goals can get me down, I still am able to keep my sense of humor and try to make others around me have a better day.
Eastern Mennonite University does a great job of giving many opportunities for people to participate in something which they enjoy. While my five islands do have specific core memories, they have been expanded by new memories. Like Riley in “Inside Out”, her islands expanded based on her new memories and experiences. Considering this has only been the first semester of college, I cannot wait to see how my islands further develop by senior year.

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