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Exploring Medical Coding and Billing
When I was younger I use to pretend to be a doctor or nurse. It was always fun to go around and check to see who had a heart beat, who was bleeding, and who was hurt. I knew that I wanted a career in the medical field, but was unsure if I really wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. I thought the only career was to be a doctor or nurse. Of course, the medical profession is larger than that. It includes office staff, EMT’s, nurses, physician assistants, and several other kinds of physicians. While the opportunities are endless in this career field, I have decided that being a doctor or nurse was not what I really wanted to do. It takes too long; the schooling alone is longer than four years. I was not willing to spend more than four years in school. Instead I decided that I wanted to do something that is in the same field as a doctor or nurse. Yet, something that takes less time in school to get a degree for. In addition, I wanted it to be something that I could do to help doctors, nurses, and patients. That is when I found out that Medical Coding and Billing is what I wanted to do.
Medical Coding and Billing can help doctors by handling all the paperwork that has to be submitted to the insurance companies. They can also help by sending medical bills out to all the patients that have been seen by the doctor.
Medical Coding and Billing requires an Education
Getting an education is an important part of working in the field of Medical coding and billing. In order to work in the medical coding and billing field a person has to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some employers’ prefer their employees have an Associate Degree in Medical Billing and Coding. Although other employers’ pr...

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... that a person must have. A medical coding specialist must be able to be patient, and be able to focus on details.

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