Essay about Exploring Dreams

Essay about Exploring Dreams

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Exploring dreams can play a part in evaluating whether the reality of ones life influences their dream. Freud suggests that dreams can “reveal a great deal about the unconscious mind” (476). Also, Freud believes that the bond one makes with their parents can greatly affect the development between childhood and adulthood. In the way that a child is raised or the lifestyle of the parent, one can be affected in a positive or negative way in one’s development. Furthermore, one evaluating what may be happening in their subconscious may also help them figure out the cause of a dream. Learning what’s in one’s subconscious and realizing the cause of why it’s in their subconscious may also effect how one has developed in life through previous known actions. Humans are like Oedipus with regard to analyzing the power of dreams, forming bonds with parents, and evaluating the subconscious.
Firstly, the author advocates that the analyzing of dreams is so powerful it can affect one night and day. One may feel that the dream has ended during the night, but all the while, dreams are so powerful ...

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