Exploring Diversity in Age, Gender, Ability and Attitude in the Workplace

Exploring Diversity in Age, Gender, Ability and Attitude in the Workplace

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Our surrounding environment influences many people’s behaviors and that environment is not only their living or working conditions but other people that they must interact with in that environment. On more times than not those interpersonal interactions come with diversity challenges, problems and issues that must be addressed and resolved before a good long term mutual relationship can be realized. The working or organizational environment seems to be more important in most people’s lives than their personal environment, whereas most people have a regular job to sustain a reasonable living, and if those people are not able to peacefully interact with other people in the workplace they may not be able to keep a good job. Unlike their personal lives where if they find that they cannot successfully interact with others they can simply walk away from the situation without any impact to their immediate lives. For those people in the workplace to overcome diversity challenges and problems they must understand what the many diversity and demographic characteristics are and how the characteristics impact them personally and influence their behaviors. There will only be four of the many diversity and demographic characteristics reviewed here, and they are age, gender, differences in skills and ability and value and attitude differences. This paper will attempt to take those four characteristics and examine them for their impact and influence on people’s behavior.
Age diversity or an age diverse workforce has many positive effects for a company or organization, but many people overlook or forget what age diversity can provide. Many people believe that an older worker may no longer have the skills to perform well in the job....

... middle of paper ...

...le commodity.
While this may sound like the ramblings of a disgruntled employee, try to understand that in this mechanically technical business, the use of technology is a necessary part of business. Electronic communication is expected, and employees are expected to proficient in use of highly advanced diagnostic service equipment.
With all the information available, which I also consider technology, why would the President of the company question the need for software updates to the tools? As with any other tool, regular maintenance is required in order to maintain peak performance.
Resistance to utilize new advancements again undermines the ambition of the employees to excel. The productivity and enthusiasm these employees have will always be the benefit of another company until the correct use of technology is embraced by our company.

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