Exploring Conflicts Throughout History, Specifically the Conflict Concerning King Louis XVI, the French/American Conflict and the Irish/British Confli

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Conflict can be defined as a fight, battle, or struggle. A conflict is usually ignited by a disagreement. It can be a little brawl with a classmate over a correct answer or a heated debate between two significant political leaders over universal healthcare. Once one gets involved in a conflict, it can get violent. Unfortunately, conflicts are everywhere. There have been many infamous conflicts throughout history, such as the French conflict concerning King Louis XVI, the French/American conflict that is still ongoing today, and the very bloody Irish/British conflict.
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the king and queen of France during the late 18th century. They were known for their excessive extravagant spending. Their wasteful spending soon put France in financial trouble. As an attempt to reverse this economic dilemma, King Louis XVI decided to increase the amount of taxes. Logically, the poor French citizens did not take pleasure in the King’s injustice action. They decided to lead an uprising and revolt against King Louis XVI. Both King Louis XVI and Queen Mar...

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