Essay on Exploring and Defining Plagiarism

Essay on Exploring and Defining Plagiarism

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plagiarism generally originates from Greek word plagion and Latin word plagium, plagiarius. Pagium means kidnapping and plagiarius means kidnapper. This word was pioneered by Roman poet “MARTIAL”, when he complained that another poet had kidnapped his verses. This word was introduced in to English by a dramatist “BEN JONSON” in early 1601 to describe someone is guilty of literary theft. The derived form plagiarism was introduced into English in 1620

Intentionally or unintentionally presenting someone else’s word language ideas or other original material without clearly referring or acknowledging the source is called plagiarism.

Types of plagiarism:
there are several types of plagiarism .among them the common types are below

Direct plagiarism: Direct plagiarism occurs when a student directly extracts word from the books or other student or any other original source without attribution or quotation mark.

Self-plagiarism: self-plagiarism occurs when a student reuses his/her work by changing or mixing a group of phrases without the permission of the teacher or professor and submit it to different class.

Mosaic plagiarism: mosaic plagiarism occurs when a student lifts phrases and terms based on a source with a few changing around.

Accidental plagiarism: accidental plagiarism occurs when a student fails to cite their sources or misquote their sources or unintentionally paraphrases a source by using similar word or group of words.

Buying assignments: buying assignment is the most severe form of plagiarism. If any student found guilty of buying assignment then the student will face legal action like being excluded from the university.

The reason of plagiarism:

Lack of education about plagiarism: Many st...

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...t’s not like only the lazy and dishonest student have been accused of it, if we look into the history there will be certain big names to surprise us. Famous writer Shakespeare’s most of writing was borrowed from Holinshed. Another example is Martin Luther king. When he was doing his doctoral thesis he had been accused of doing plagiarism. Famous singer George Harrisons was sued for plagiarizing the melody of worldwide smash hit ‘My Sweet Lord’.

plagiarism is the act of passing off someone’s work as your own. So I think there is nothing good about plagiarism. It’s a form of intellectual fraud. Academic assignments are designed to help the student if the student ends up doing plagiarism then he is not learning anything all he doing copying someone else’s work as their own. I think for the sake of learning we must avoid plagiarism.

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