Exploring Alternative Methods of Discipline to Creative a Positive Learning Environment

Exploring Alternative Methods of Discipline to Creative a Positive Learning Environment

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Alternative Methods

In academic institutions several challenges exist in regards to discipline

Today’s teachers and students have been exposed to increasingly violent

and hostile environments. In the circumstance that a student is endangering another

person, punishment should be swift and intolerant. However there are instances that

require a different penalty level that are balanced in relation to the offense.

There is a definable need for alternative programs, peer mentoring, family support and

cultural diversity programs, all offer variety of avenues that are valuable to society.

Although zero tolerance policies for weapons and physical acts of violence are

nessacary. In today’s society a need for understanding and compassion are increasingly

obvious. In the words of Milwaukee’s school Superintendent William Andrekopoulos,

“Students are being suspended by the thousand’s, many for minor infractions such as

disrupting class”. When a student disrupts class there should be an alternative to

suspension or expulsion. As a young m...

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