Essay on Exploring a Career as a Mechancial Engineer

Essay on Exploring a Career as a Mechancial Engineer

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Did you know there are thousands of jobs for a mechanical engineer, and the career will be unhurt by the struggling of the economy? There are many tasks a mechanical engineer is faced with on a daily basis. A mechanical engineer must have several qualities to make the work enjoyable for themselves and others. A mechanical engineer must be well qualified in their education to receive a job, as it is a broad industry. With having a job or career as a mechanical engineer you rarely have to worry if your job is going to exist the next day, or if your pay is going to get cut; a mechanical engineer is needed everywhere. Being a mechanical engineer there is the everyday struggle of blending work life with home life and dealing with the task(s) for the day.
Mechanical engineering is a wide subject with many definitions and qualities about them. A mechanical engineer uses the principles of energy, materials, and mechanics to design and manufacture machines or devices (“Mechanical Engineering Overview”). Another definition that furthers the idea of a mechanical engineer is they research, design, develop, manufacture, test tools and engines (“Mechanical Engineering Overview”). They not only design the tool or devices for customers, but they may also design them for other engineers to help do their job (“Mechanical Engineer Job Description,”). A mechanical engineer is also involved in the mechanisms and methods by which energy is used for practical purposes (Mechanical Engineer Job). A mechanical engineer must have a variety of qualities that are associated with them, as their job varies on daily or weekly basis. One quality a mechanical engineer must have is being strong in math and science, as most of their work deals with thi...

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