Explore the Timeline of Cochlear's History of Innovation Essay examples

Explore the Timeline of Cochlear's History of Innovation Essay examples

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Many three years old have begin to talk in simple sentences to communicate with people, but in my case, I didn’t talk at all; which my parents became concerned and believed that I am just having a speech delay which they began to encourage me to talk more, but as time proceeded, my parents realized that there is something wrong with me. So they took me to the audiologist, which as I never experienced hearing, and I learned quickly to depend on my other senses. I may don’t understand what people are telling me, but I am smart enough to figure out what it is going on by observing the situation. So upon getting my first audiologist test and I completed fooled the audiologist into thinking that my hearing is fine, leaving my parents confused what is wrong with me. Eventually, they decided to have my hearing tested again, which this time I was sleeping which it was successful so they wanted to have my younger brother to get his hearing tested also which turns out that not just one child that has hearing loss but both of their children. My mom had normal pregnancies, we were born healthy, we didn’t have serve illness and there were no deaf members in our family, so it was a shock for my parents. Several months later, my brother and I got hearing aids. Then, I was placed in deaf program class at the school that nearby my home. At school, I learned all the basics, just like preschoolers would do; in addition, I learned how to use sign language. My brother and I should be starting to talk and detect the sounds but once again, something is wrong.
After a year of wearing hearing aids, we made no progress with speech or detecting sounds, which after couple of tests, the result came back that our hearing loss is worse than they originally t...

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