The Exploration Of College Writing Essay

The Exploration Of College Writing Essay

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The Exploration of College Writing
Freshman Composition has prepared me for college level writing and has changed the way I view writing. This class has taught me how to properly use semi-colons, colons, and commas. Furthermore, I have had trouble with developing a personal voice in the past; however, this class has really helped me discover who I am as a writer. A lot of people say that writing is a chore and it serves no purpose; on the contrary, my portfolio will reflect a sense of passion in everything I have written. I take pride in my work and I hope it impacts others as much as it impacted me. Gathering inspiration was a challenge, yet once I found it I was able to write for hours on a topic that means a lot to me personally. My greatest achievement in this class has been finding my voice; once I found my voice, I discovered that writing is not hard when you are passionate about your topic and I believe this is reflected throughout my portfolio.
My portfolio is composed of four essays and written assignments throughout the semester. The portfolio consists of essays covering argumentation, unfamiliar controversial topics, the impact reading and writing have on people, and a personal narrative. Several worksheets from the Writer’s Presence support what I have learned throughout the year, such as: readings from the Writer’s Presence, Battlefield, and a worksheet over the fundamentals of argumentation. I have learned a lot this year through these worksheets and they reflect the growth of my writing. Without the constant worksheets and essays, I would have never been able to become a better writer.
My first essay is called, Ink on Paper. This essay reflects the transition of high school writing to college; the purpo...

... middle of paper ...

...sentation of when I finally found my voice and really broke all of my old high school writing habits.
Finally, I am proud of all of the work I made throughout this class. Furthermore, this class advanced my learning and taught me how to use my time to effectively research and state an opinion over any topic. I feel that I am educated in the art of literature and I can now fully understand the writing process of an author. My use of metacognition has shaped the development of all of my writing and made me a better writer. However, I will not settle at this level; I would like to pursue a knowledge of writing because it is a key skill for the future. In my preliminary papers, my Instructor told me my voice was too academic and lacked flow. Now, my papers flow and I hope to finalize the skills this class has taught me throughout my transitions and my vocabulary.

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