The Exploration Of Attachment Between Primary Caregivers And Infants Essay

The Exploration Of Attachment Between Primary Caregivers And Infants Essay

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The oxford dictionary defines ‘attachment’ as affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something. The exploration of attachment in psychology is important for society as Bowlby (1973), the founder of such attachment theories, explains that early attachment models between primary caregivers and infants are vital in life development, with such patterns able to shape or heavily contribute to adult behaviours and lifestyle. With this being said, and if true, it is imperative that research in such areas is balanced and beneficial in terms of helping individuals and even prevention of potential harm in development by providing education based on valid research. Children’s representation of themselves and of others is greatly influenced by attachments in early life these representations can form the basis of an internal working model that debatably impacts almost every aspect of future social life (Bowlby, 1969).
It is widely understood that a secure attachment is characterized by the development of a trusting and dependable relationship with the caregiver and aids the child’s sense of security and emotions. On the other hand, there are many types of insecure attachments that can occur that create vulnerability and possible social and psychological problems such as depression (Davila, Ramsay, Blum & Steinberg, 2005). There is a vast amount of research that reveals the effects of poor early attachment being closely associated with depression in adult life (Carnelly, Pietromonaco, & Jaffe 1994; Hammen et al., 1995; Gerlsma & Luteijn, 2000), in adolescent life (Armsden & Greenberg, 1987; Armsden, McCauley, Greenberg, Burke, & Mitchell, 1990; West et al., 1999), and even a predictive tool for depressive symptoms during childhood (Abe...

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...n of attachment types.
To conclude, in spite of much compelling evidence that shows a strong correlation between insecure attachments and depression, it is important to note that causation cannot be established. Insecure attachments do not cause depression, however, can create a cognitive vulnerability to such symptoms that can develop into the disorder (Beck, 1987). Childhood attachments are not fixed states, they’re subject to vary over time, and it would be incredibly deterministic to evaluate an individual on an attachment formed during infancy throughout their whole life. With that being said, depression is a complex disorder with several categories that are incessantly being explored and researched. Childhood attachment may cover a section of the explanation for such a disorder but to ignore other life and developmental factors would be considered reductionist.

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