The Exploitation Of Women Working Essay

The Exploitation Of Women Working Essay

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Authors Barbara Ehrenreich, and Annette Fuentes reveal the exploitation of women working and struggling to survive in third world countries in their essay entitled “Life on the Global Assembly Line.” Which was written and targeted in Ms. Magazine. Jobs in the factory and street working are the main ways of income for these women; young and old and unfortunately, it is their only choice because of government laws and because of how they are brought up and raised. In some cases, women are gaining the strength to rebel, to riot for change. These cases spread the word on their cry for help in hopes that this change they want, will one day become reality.
So, where does this all happen? In what we call Third World countries such as Ciudad Juarez- Mexico, Penang Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Dominican Republic, the Philippines and more. Women and children as young as the age of three begin to work and earn the minimum wage of $3 to $5 a day as opposed to a U.S assembly line worker earning that much per hour. These women are transported to work every morning and work 15-18 hour shifts, 7 days a week. Is it fair? To many Americans, the most common answer to that would most likely be ‘no’. But according to a factory management consultant specializing in American companies he says, “The girls genuinely enjoy themselves. They’re away from their families. They have spending money. Of course it’s a regulated experience too- with dormitories to live in-so it’s a healthful experience.”
With a quote like that, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a very vague, thoughtless and even sugar coated response to someone 's asking on the condition of these workers. As mentioned before, the women, for the most part do not enjoy themselves. Thes...

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...twork on Global Corporations who want to show the world that these women are just like women here in America. We are all women who want a peaceful life and should be able to get it. We all go through a hardship in our lives, it’ just different for each and every one of us. The essay ends with a quote by Min Chonk Suk once more, saying “We are bound together with one string.” She is perhaps passively letting the world know that as women, we are either all powerful together, or fail together. With harsh factory labor still going on and funded by richer companies like the U.S, Ehrenreich and Fuentes do a remarkable job in exploiting what is needed to let the world know, that what we use and wear everyday is most likely made by one of these women and they’re only sign of recognition, is the little tags labeled “Made in…” Maybe one day, these women’s voices will be heard.

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