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Traditional or common knowledge views of rape portray the act as something a crazy stranger commits on another stranger. However, this is simply not the case. The vast majority of rapes, sometimes up to 70%, involve a victim who was previously known to the offender (Woods and Porter 2008). The data does not totally support this view, however. This is because only an estimated 18% of acquaintance rape is reported to the police (Woods and Porter 2008). For comparative purposes, an estimated 79% of stranger rape is reported. Research suggests that each type of forcible rape has a more frequent setting (Woods and Porter 2008). When a rape happens indoors, the victim is more likely to have had a close personal relationship with the offender (Woods and Porter 2008). In fact, the rape usually occurs in either the offender’s or victim’s home (Woods and Porter 2008). The National Institute of Justice reports that women are raped dramatically more than men are; 18% of women report being raped at least once in their life, in contrast to just the 3% of men who report being raped in their lifetime (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). Of minority groups, 34% of American-Indian women report being raped in their lifetime, the highest percentage of any group; the lowest percentage is Pacific Islander women, of whom only 7% report being raped in their lifetime (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). The data suggests that rape occurs at an early age. Nearly a quarter of female rape victims and nearly one half of male rape victims were younger than 12 years old when first raped (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). The percent of victims first raped when younger than 18 years of age is nearly three quarters for men and over half for women (Tjaden and Thoennes 2006). “Women who w...

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... with, go to school with, or live by. These groups are being expanded to include communities who never in fact meet each other face to face. The key part of Sutherland’s theory is that a person violates the law when they believe there are more favorable consequences to their actions than unfavorable ones (Siegel 2011). One of these favorable consequences could be committing the crime because you, as an offender, know you can get away with it. Those who are victimized by acquaintance rape often do not report it (Woods and Porter 2008). Sometimes, the reported percentage of acquaintance rape can be as low as 18% (Woods and Porter 2008). After the possible offender factors in the possibility of not getting caught even when the rape is reported, the “odds” could be considered in the perpetrator’s favor. This makes the violation of law more favorable than unfavorable.

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