Explaining the Controversy Over the Causes of Global Warming in the Article “Global Climate Change Triggered By Global Warming”

Explaining the Controversy Over the Causes of Global Warming in the Article “Global Climate Change Triggered By Global Warming”

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There has been a great amount of controversy over the actual causation of global warming on behalf of the global climate change. Due to the advancements of technology and greater knowledge on how the Earth operates, climatologists are equipped with the ability to discover analytic data that will build stronger evidence to support their claims. This means that they are able to collect accurate data over weather patterns and find past climatic history. Ample researching has been in action for decades to determine the true factors of global warming. In the article “Global Climate Change Triggered By Global Warming,” different positions and points are made by research that appears in refereed scientific literature which shows a broad unanimity of the global climatology community.
“Convincing evidence that Earth is undergoing significant, and in some cases alarming, changes has accumulated rapidly in recent years, especially during the past three decades” (Jordan,S.D). Although Theoretical models primarily supported this claim, increasing observations from a numerous amount of sources also provide evidence that the Earth’s surface is warming. Now the growing search has been focused on the causation of global warming rather than proving if it exists. Jordan proclaims, “Although the exact extent of harm from global warming may be difficult to predict now, it can be said with confidence that the harmful effects of global warming on climate will significantly outweigh the possible benefits.” In this article there seems to actually have only a few “benefits” of the warming of Earth’s surface and as a result there are a multitude of concerning factors that could effect this planet. Major points in this article include the question of whethe...

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...rbon dioxide. Since the land is the only other major sink for this greenhouse gas, along with oceans, deforestation contributes significantly to global warming” (Jordan, S.D). Likewise the probability of anthropogenic effects increasing carbon dioxide are one of the major causes of global warming today.
As a result I had agreed with the fact that global warming is not beneficial for Earth what so ever. Anthropogenic factors and natural fluctuations are both clearly responsible for the causing of global warming. In the future I would use this information to support my arguments in the sense that they are more scientifically based and therefore more valid. Hopefully in the end the environmental and health consequences would lessen in the fact that more people are educated about our actions at least on how to delay or possibly prevent harmful global climate change.

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