Essay on Explain The Concepts That Govern Life

Essay on Explain The Concepts That Govern Life

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Numerous points of view attempt to explain the concepts that govern life. The scientific community has generally accepted certain characteristics that all living organisms share, from the single celled entity to the most complex beings. Likewise, various spiritual views also attempt to explain tenets of the meaning of life. Over time, due to evidences and opinions refuted and acknowledged, the views and explanations of life have changed in both the scientific and spiritual realms. One factor that remains constant regardless of external influences is the continuation of life being a fundamental objective of all organisms in nature. Though the habitats of human beings have developed over time, our mere existence on earth includes us in nature. This is evident by the effects we create on our ecosystem, an ecosystem that we share with all walks-of-life. By this understanding, we can see that life is a property that humans share with other beings, and respecting the lives of humans can be viewed as analogous to respecting life in all of its forms. This idea can be applied to the question of our obligation towards other animals. Our obligation is to respect, protect and preserve life, and to prevent unnecessary harm towards life of any kind. However, as a part of the natural world, humans have an inherent and biological obligation towards respecting, protecting and preserving human life, placing the welfare of humans above all other animals in nature.
The continuation of life is a fundamental aspect of all living organisms on earth. The success of a particular organism depends on the abilities of that being. For example, a lion has the ability to hunt other animals in order to provide sustenance for itself and members of its own pride...

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...t and Singer agree in the practice of animal experimentation but only as a resort to providing for humanity.
Our obligation as a member of the human species is to respect, protect and preserve all life of our fellow kind. To develop these attributes however, we must extend these principles to animals of all types. This does not mean we must oppose the use of animals as food or resources; rather we should give special consideration and appreciation to those we do use. We are not required to give animals the same moral status as humans in order to respect them. Nor do we need to place the welfare of animals above our own. The balance of consideration for humans and animals will in turn benefit human kind through the development of character and the management of resources. This balance will also further our understanding and appreciation for our own lives and purpose.

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