Explain Sentencing And The Theories Behind It Essay

Explain Sentencing And The Theories Behind It Essay

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Explain sentencing and the theories behind it. Include the sentencing models and how they are supposed to work.
The main purpose of sentencing is to punish the offender and to set a precedent to deter others from doing the same. The five main purposes of sentencing are the deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation, and restorative justice. The sentencing model states that judges and juries evaluate the guilt of the offender.
To being with, sentencing has to be fair and cannot discriminate on factors of race, gender. Or religion. Deterrence is the first rule of sentencing as it is based on a principle that punishment would prevent the offender from recommitting the offense another time. The theory behind deterrence is the idea of identifying the problem the offender has and a plausible punishment that would stop a reoffender after his sentence. Jail time is not always assigned to a offender, many times an offender may be fined for committing a wrongful offense. The theory behind fines is that one is required to pay for their error, they will be less likely to do it again because money is a valuable item that has a ton of meaning. For example, during many instances at a school in Connecticut, students were fined $103 for swearing and if they could not afford it then their parents had to pay the fine and the effects of this stated that “Although there are critics of the actions of the police and school officials, officials report that the incidents of swearing have dropped to almost nothing”. Two types of deterrence are general and specific. General deterrence focuses on the prevention of nonoffenders from committing crimes. General deterrence focuses on letting the nonoffenders know of the consequences of the crimes...

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...vent a judge from giving a lot less jail time and or letting a criminal go for no reason. It is mandated to be as reasonable as possible and to prevent wrong doing inside the criminal justice system.
In conclusion, sentencing is a great portion of the criminal justice system. It helps keep offenders off the street by assigning them jail time and it is also forgiving for first-time offenders who were led into the wrong direction and have a chance to learn a lesson with rehabilitation. The criminal justice system does not only imprison people, it also helps those who are on the wrong path and didn’t think their actions through. Sentencing is as fair as it can be with no discrimination happening due to the guidelines that are currently in place. Each offender is entitled to hear the amount of time they will most likely serve and that is called the truth in sentencing.

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