Experimental Utilization Of 2-Ethoxy Ethyl Acetate Essays

Experimental Utilization Of 2-Ethoxy Ethyl Acetate Essays

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The diesel engine dominates the field of commercial transportation and agricultural machinery on account of its superior fuel efficiency. However they emit more emissions. The use of oxygenated fuels seems to be a promising solution towards reducing emissions in existing and future diesel engines. Oxygenated fuel is a chemical compound containing oxygen. It is used to help fuel burn more efficiently and cut down on some types of atmospheric pollution. Oxygenated fuels are characterized by the following molecular conditions of the fuels: molecular weights are low and the molecules have high hydrogen to carbon ratios and a low number of carbon to carbon bonds which lower the formation of solid carbon particulates, molecules contain oxygen which suppress the formation of soot, molecular bonds break up to radicals at reasonable activation energy which leads to high cetane numbers. The oxygenated blends usually enhance the combustion efficiency, burn rates and the ability to burn more fuel and these blends offer the reduction of exhaust emissions. Oxygenate utilization to produce "cleaner burning" diesel fuels has been known for over fifty years. Oxygenates are well known to reduce particulate emissions. Low molecular weight alcohols, such as methanol, ethanol, and t-butyl alcohol, have been reported to reduce emissions. Higher alcohols, carbonates, diethers, such as diglyme, and various glycol ethers have also been reported. Particularly attractive are P-series glycol ethers, which contain both ether and a propylene glycol end-group. This paper deals with 2-Ethoxy Ethyl Acetate criterion and emmision reductions in modern diesel engine. Various application strategies to reduce emissions and enhance diesel fuel performance ...

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