Essay on Experimental Trials in Pediatric Patients

Essay on Experimental Trials in Pediatric Patients

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Health professionals have an immense responsibility to their patients to perform their jobs ethically. In order for a person to be able to perform their job within ethical standards, it is important to be able to define ethics and what that term encompasses. Ethics is a set of moral principles that shape a person’s behavior and actions. Regardless of whether they are religious or based on the moral codes of a society, these principles help us determine what is right and what is wrong. However, sometimes knowing if something is right or wrong is not always an easy task. Let us consider a case about an experimental trial that is to be performed to study the effectiveness of a new drug on pediatric patients with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. LGS is a very rare pediatric disorder that causes seizures, and is very difficult to treat. Stavzor, the new antiepileptic medication, is known to have a dangerous side effect of liver failure and is found to be more common in pediatric patients. In order to achieve accurate results, members of the team believe that extra monitoring for liver failure and disclosure of the risk should be omitted from the trial. Whether or not this trial should be carried out depends on several ethical issues that need to be addressed. On one hand there are matters of justice, oath of a pharmacist, and the need for medical advancements of treatments for a rare disease. On the other hand one must consider ethical dilemmas such as the duty to do no harm and veracity and autonomy.
It is essential to look at beneficence and how the needs of the patient and the society are being distributed. According to the pharmacist code of ethics, “A pharmacist seeks justice in the distribution of health resources”.1 Going forth wit...

... middle of paper ... form a relationship with the patients based on trust and respect. Lastly, telling the honest truth by disclosing all information allows for full autonomy for the patients which will empower them to make well informed choices involving their care and treatments. Given these points, I would chose to reject this experimental treatment trail for pediatric LGS patients.

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