Essay on Experimental Research: Magnets and Temperature

Essay on Experimental Research: Magnets and Temperature

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Magnets are everywhere! They are in telephones, computers, stereos, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washing machines, cars, compasses, TVs, VCRs, your doorbell and many other places. The earth itself is also a magnet. The Greeks discovered a mineral over 2,000 years ago that attracted things that were made of iron. This mineral was found in a part of Turkey that was called Magnesia, so they called it magnetite. A magnet is any material that attracts iron or things made of iron. All magnets have two poles, exert force on each other, and are surrounded by a magnetic field.

The purpose of my project is to test the strength of these amazing objects under various different temperatures and to see how they will react. I became interested while playing with some promotional magnets that were on the side of my refrigerator holding up the various pictures and notes.

My hypothesis is that with a change in the magnets temperature that the strength of the magnetic field will also change in the magnets. The question is how will the strength of the magnetic field change? I believe the magnets will become stronger the colder that they become.

For this experiment, you will need 3 - ceramic bar magnets numbered 1 – 3 for identification purposes, 48 - 5/16” steel flat washers, tongs, goggles, gloves, stove, pot with boiling water, freezer, cooking thermometer, and freezer thermometer. Place the three magnets in the freezer overnight so that they reach a freezing temperature of between 0° - 32°. A freezer thermometer was used to verify temperature. After the magnets have reached the desired temperature, then place two even stacks of steel washers next to each other on a flat surface. Using one fro...

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...esting, the fourth ceramic magnet became brittle, failed to resist the temperature, and broke in half. I also began the experiment using zinc washers, instead of steel washers. I later switched to the steel because of inconsistent data produced by the zinc washers.

From this project I learned many things from the internet. I learned that magnets were first called “Lodestones” that were used in compasses used by the sailors to lead them home. I also learned that magnetic pull is strongest on the north and south poles, incredibly, where the planets temperature is the coldest. But most importantly, I learned the abilities of magnets, under different temperatures.

I would like to thank my parents for helping me on this project. They helped me with recording data and assisted with the presentation layout. Thank you both.

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