Experiment to Test Two Different Concentrations of Dettol Disinfectant in Soil (sand) Bacteria Growth

Experiment to Test Two Different Concentrations of Dettol Disinfectant in Soil (sand) Bacteria Growth

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The aim of this experiment is to test two different concentrations of Dettol disinfectant in limiting soil (sand) bacteria growth.

I think that the concentrations with the most Dettol disinfectant will stop bacterial growth the most. Out of all the percentages I think the 100% disinfectant will stop the bacteria the most, this solution would be made from 10ml of Dettol disinfectant and 0ml of water.

The independent variable in this experiment are the amounts of Dettol disinfectant used for each petri dish, the dependant variables are the measurement of bacterial growth that grows during the time and the controlled variables are everything we kept the same such as the amounts of agar solution, the beaker size, same sized petri dishes, same soil and same sized filter papers.
• Dettol disinfectant
• Measuring cylinders
• Beakers
• Labels
• Soil
• Agar
• Petri Dishes
• Filter paper
• Sticky tape

1- Collect the Dettol disinfectant and water quantities based on the concentration you were given to make. Use 10Ml measuring cylinders.
2- Prepare your disinfectant concentrations into 100mL beakers.
3- Prepare soil and water together allowing soil to settle at the bottom, the pour 10mL of this water without getting any of the soil into the beaker, get rid of the remaining soil and water.
4- Collect a beaker of 50mL full of agar from your teacher and then mix the 10mL of soil water with the agar carefully.
5- Pour the agar/soil water into the petri dishes evenly.
6- Allow the agar to cool and set.
7- Soak your small disk of filter paper into the disinfectant concentration, let it soak for about 10 minutes.
8- Once soaked, place the filter paper into the middle of the ag...

... middle of paper ...

...e starting the experiment, being very carful with all the measurements and trying your best to keep everything that’s meant to be the same all equal to everyone else’s. If your working in groups the aim would be to get similar results without having large different between the few otherwise if your results are not close or similar that usually means something went wrong along the way. The results ended up consistent to what most of us thought would happen with the bacterial growth.

In conclusion my hypothesis was correct towards this experiment, the concentration with the most Dettol disinfectant had the least bacterial growth and the least Dettol disinfectant had the most bacterial growth occurring in our agar plates, the experiment was successful to show the soil bacterial growth and how well the Dettol disinfectant works to prevent the growth.

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