Experiential Learning at the Fitness Club Essay

Experiential Learning at the Fitness Club Essay

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The purpose and the aim of this report is to evaluate and describe the experiential learning and closely focuses on the type of organisation, management structure and the process involved. Experiential learning is a process which is designed to make the most out of the experience while doing it. And it is incorporated with learning strategies and different approaches of teaching Burned (1989) Kolb explains four phases in the process of experiential learning, Experience, reflexive observation, analysis and active implementations Kolb (1984) Bandura explain learning is an experience which is learnt by watching other people and then doing it which then provide a learner an image and the desire of a such behaviour and it will then work as a guide to the learner Bandura (1997).
Bandura emphasize that there are four processes involve, which are importunately involve in observational learning Attention, retention, motor reproduction and motivational learning processes Bandura (1997)
There are several theories of how people learn. Recently cognitive and social learning theories have been greatly influenced. According to burn the motivation is his clear definition of learning he has clear that learning brings a permanent change in behaviour including both the internal processes and observable activities such as attitude, thinking and emotions Burned (1989)
1.1 Introduction to the company
The organization where I carried out my work placement is a fitness health club the (FHC).it is located of a busy area in London, its location is placed nearer to the main shopping centre where it easily accessible for people to commute, and it’s also located next to the big supermarket so that it can be seen by many shoppers, price of the gym is fai...

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...es.htm> [3 September 2008]

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