Experiencing the Magic Theater

Experiencing the Magic Theater

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After reading Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf,” one probably notices the main character in this novel, Harry Haller, is in a constant internal battle, where there is a “continual and deadly enmity” (41-42) between two natures, one where he claims to possess and the other to be divided by “a human and a wolfish one” (41). Although one can gain many insights from reading Steppenwolf, I believe Haller seeks to conform to the bourgeois in every aspect of his life. However, he belatedly realizes how he actually despises the bourgeois for its complacency and conformity. He comes upon this conclusion when he meets several people who are willing to help him form this conclusion by way of preparing him to experience the “Magic Theater.” I also believe that the Magic Theater is an important learning ground for teaching one to laugh, including Haller.
The Magic Theater, which I believe to be “a world of pictures, not realities,” (178) is a reflection of Haller’s own mind. I also believe that when Haller enters the Magic Theater he is completely separated from reality because the elixir allows Haller to see what his own soul seeks; thus, the Magic Theater serves as an important learning ground for Haller, for it helps him to “see everything through the eyes of Harry and the old spectacles of the Steppenwolf” (176), which is meant to help him see his true self, as he sometimes failed to see before.
In addition, the Magic Theater shows Harry his “past life had been false and full of stupid unhappiness” (199). These regrets and mistakes in his past help him to gain understanding of life so that “he can rearrange these pieces of a previous self in what order he pleases,” (192). Therefore, the Magic Theater also serves, as the chess player pointed out, to show Haller that life’s obstacles and decisions are “all the hundred thousand pieces of life’s game” (217) that’s in his pocket. For this reason Haller will be able to control his own life, to not make the same mistakes again. Rather, he will be able to relive every moment in life again as it is meant to be live.
As Haller simultaneously learns how to laugh in the Magic Theater, he is intrigued by the events that take place within the Magic Theater. In one instance, within the Magic

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Theater, his actions go against everything that he previously believed and valued in life when he finds himself in the middle of a “long-feared war between men and machine” (180), where he “joined the battle joyfully” (181) with his school friend Gustav. Haller also becomes even more interested when Mozart, whom Haller idolizes, makes fun of him, accuses him of being too serious, and laughs at him.
Through Haller’s experience in the Magic Theater, I believe he acquires a new perspective of life where he has taken a deep look into his own soul and knows himself now. He also realizes all that he had been missing out on in life; thus, as a result, he has a new outlook of life where he values human life like the bourgeois. Even though Haller, who continues to struggle with his dual nature throughout much of his time spent in the Magic Theater, fails to achieve what the Magic Theater was meant to accomplish, which is to “learn how to laugh,” (218) I do believe he tries genuinely and sincerely to learn how to laugh.
Haller now chooses to live and enjoy life with his renewed spirit and understanding without being so critical and serious about everything in life. This attitude will help Haller lead a happier life, one that he has never experienced nor imagined before. For this reason, Haller wishes to “begin the game afresh,” (217), and with the experience and knowledge of the events he obtains from the Magic Theater, I believe he can play this game of learning how to live life without being so critical better than the one he played before.

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