Experiencing Marathon at the Florida Keys Essay

Experiencing Marathon at the Florida Keys Essay

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On our 10-day 'vacay' we decided to stop for a several night stay-over at a quaint town which is halfway along the Florida Keys. It's called Marathon, and I

do credit it to the famous and wondrous Seven Mile Bridge. It should get billing as one of the 7 Wonders In Our Manmade World, and you'll see beautiful

watery scenes on both sides yet in different colors of blues and greens! Serenely breath-taking as the bridge goes from miles of flat driving over shallow

water to arching up high in the sky just as you embrace Marathon.

Another thing I've never experienced until my adventure was the ability to see 180° of sky, from the sea-level horizon on one side, up and across to the

water horizon on the north side, just jaw-dropping, as are the sunsets. If you're unusually fortunate, you may even catch a sighting of the rarity known as

the Keys 'Green Flash'. It only happens under special conditions during sunrises or sunsets, where the sun will appear 'green' but only for several seconds.

My companions acknowledged the fact that on a funds allocation of shoe-string proportions you can travel to the Florida Keys area, Marathon in particular,

yet still feel as you've left the U.S. behind and are in a tropical Eden of a foreign land. We didn't know that the United States had its own huge, living

coral sanctuary reefs! The dining was always 'to die for' also, especially if you're a fish eater. Surrounded by access to some of the most inspiring

fishing in the world, the prices are very good for differing kinds of fish. And if you are an animal/nature lover like 'yours truly', or have kids along,

there's exciting nature conservatories and museums to explore showcasing live animals like Gi...

... middle of paper ...

...de of this island, it's less than 1 mi west from the Marathon airport.

This place likely has everything you'd expect of a world-class resort. Surrounded by coconut palm tree groves, the sand is glittering white, warm and


There is a public airport here in Marathon, easily accessible from the major airport on the southern Florida mainland in Miami. A dazzling, eco-natural

environment of jungle-like, tropical archipelago of approximately 1,700 isles with miles and miles of pristine beaches, it's a casual playground but with

world class accommodations too. There's a Championship 18 hole course to golf nearby, close shopping, many state parks (some with tennis courts) and

specially protected area's for diving and snorkeling. The Florida Keys are verifiably a spectacular piece of our United States, with Marathon as a perfect


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