Essay on The Experiences of Women in The Color Purple

Essay on The Experiences of Women in The Color Purple

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In the film The Color purple women are strongly objectified by men, their worth being ruled by beauty, talent and what they could do. They were left uneducated to keep them submissive and beaten down to be put in place. Men however did as they please with no repercussions for their actions. White men were given the right to an education and all

Mr. is controlling and self centered without showing any regards to how Celie is feeling. He beats and conditions her to be submissive. For this is how he was led to believe to treat women by his father viewing them as objects. At the end of the movie he has a turn around. After Cellie left he realized without her every thing falls apart. ‘until you do right by me any thing you even think about is gonna fail’ He arranges for her to get her children back as he puts his life back together piece by piece watching the reunion. From a distance he looks humbled to see Cellie reunite with her children and guilt for what he had done.

Sophia is a very strongly opinionated woman, who openly expresses her views on how she feels she should be treated. She starts out with extremely high confidence, and is later beaten down to believe she is worthless. She has an altercation with Ms Millie’s husband the mayor. After refusing to work for Ms Millie as a maid and hitting the mayor she is locked up beaten down and reconditioned to a submissive state and then returned to work for Ms Millie. Towards the end we start to see a glint of her former self at the dinner table after Cellie finally stands up for her self Sophia is re empowered by this.

Cellie is raped at the start of the movie by her father resulting in two pregnancies at 14 and told not to tell anyone but god...

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...e collapses and with out men women flourish. Men begin to grow an appreciation and understanding of women and find how hard they had made women work but of Corse by this time it was to late. Through out the movie we see women are intimidated and live in fear of violence resulting in poor self-esteem a broken spirit (Sophia). Women had been totally destructed until they no longer have fear of having a voice or opinion things could not possibly get any worse therefore when there is nothing to live for fear dose not exist for death would seem less tortures. When women unite they find they feel empowered by one another and no longer need to feel isolated as together they have a voice as demonstrated when cellie stands up for herself Sophia is empowered ad show her true self returning.


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