Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana

Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana

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Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana
Problem Statement
The clinical problem in this case study was that grandmothers as the caregivers reported very incomplete or no support from the extended family, and their deprived health worries compromises their financial situations. Some reported of body pains like arthritis and firm work at their age. None of the participants had a decent source of earnings that will help in caring for their orphans. They depended on typically old age pension and cottage and farming (Shaibu, 2013, p. 364).
The researchers took the significance of the study with the statistics that 137,805 with 17.2% of children younger than 18 years and 43% of household with Orphans in Botswana were supervised by grandparents which these people taking this responsibilities were already poor and often seniors (Shaibu, 2013, p. 364). The researcher showed that the study was significant because the problems of the caregivers needed to be answered in order to advance the growth or the comfort of the orphan in the country.
Purpose and Research Questions
The purpose was clearly stated as “to identify the experiences of the grandparents who were taking care of orphan grandchildren in Botswana” (Shaibu, 2013, p. 364).
The researcher did not address any research questions. But based on the purpose of the studies, questions that might address the reason of this study are, what are the obstacles or difficulties that grandparents caring for their orphan have? And do they do it because they have to or they like taking those responsibilities? The purpose and research questions relate to the problem.
Yes, qualitative method was appropriate used in answering this research questions because a descr...

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