Experience the Beauty of Nature in Vermont Essay

Experience the Beauty of Nature in Vermont Essay

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As one of the smallest states in the United States and the only state in New England to be landlocked, Vermont has had an enchanting history and has played an important role in leading the northeastern United States in a number of achievements. This leading role along with the state's natural beauty and wonderful people has made Vermont a first-class vacation destination. All in all, Vermont offers travelers a unique perspective and insightful look into the culture and history of America.

Vermont's Historical Attractions

One of Vermont's most insightful historical attractions is the Cornish Colony Museum in Windsor. With a magnificent art gallery that is devoted to the works of some of America's first artists, the Cornish Colony museum gives visitors a unique perspective on the artistic development of the United States. Whether you like statuary artwork or are a fan of paintings, this museum offers a window into the world of 17th and 18th Century America as the foundations were laid for the democracy enjoyed today in the nation. All in all, the Cornish Colony Museum is one of the most enchanting art museums to be found anywhere in the country.

For travelers wanting to get a taste of the entire spectrum of America's history in Vermont, a visit to the Vermont History Museum in Montpelier is definitely in order. This museum has exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Vermont's rich and fascinating history from prehistoric times through the modern era. With a magnificent collection of valuable antiques and priceless relics from the past, the Vermont History Museum gives visitors a one-of-a-kind look into the glorious past of this wonderful state.

In addition to the fabulous historical attractions mentioned above, Ver...

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...interactive center offers visitors a chance to see Vermont's magnificent birds of prey in an up-close and personal setting and allows them to learn first-hand about these amazing creatures. With nature trails and a first-class conservation shop, the VINS Nature Center offers something for the entire family.

In conclusion, Vermont has a wide assortment of natural, cultural, and historical attractions that are certain to appeal to visitors of any age. Because of this fact, Vermont is without a doubt one of the finest travel destinations in the entire United States.

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