The Experience Of Traveling Abroad Essay

The Experience Of Traveling Abroad Essay

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Have you ever wanted to travel the world, to see the world in a whole new light? To see and experience new cultures? To be able to meet new people? To be able to go somewhere you would never thought to imagine? Traveling abroad is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, and worthwhile experience you could ever imagine. I was so thankful that my parents allowed me to go to Europe the summer after my sophomore year of high school, because it expanded my knowledge on different cultures and enabled me to improve my Spanish and to learn other languages.
During my second year at Fort Zumwalt North High School, I had heard about the trip to Europe. I was sitting at my desk, in my first hour class-Spanish-waiting for the bell to ring, when my Spanish teacher had made a quick announcement. She told us about how the government teacher, Mrs. Parker, who was my older sister’s teacher, was planning a ten day trip to go to France and Spain for the summer. My teacher had left a small stack of papers explaining more about the trip on a table in front of the room for us to take. I took one. When I had gotten home that afternoon, I waited for my mom to come home from work so I could tell her about the trip. When she got home from work, I told her about the trip in a well-detailed power point that I made instead of doing my geometry homework. After my presentation, my mom was all into the idea; however, she said that the only other person I really needed to ask was my dad and she said she would help me talk to him. My dad came home from work and we all sat down for dinner. It was a good time to bring up the trip. My dad was all against it, saying that I was too young to go to a different country all on my own, even though I had told him that the tri...

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...e wanted to buy some cocaine and heroin. We had all looked at each other thinking he was crazy and had said no. The crazy thing was that there was police near by. That was a moment that I would never forget. After that little fiasco, we went to lunch. While at lunch, I took my first small sip of champaign. It didn’t taste good, bitter actually, so I gave it to my friend. When we had gotten home, I ran straight to my parents and gave them a big hug.
Have you ever thought to travel to a place you never thought you would be able to go? I was glad that I did. My parents had let me go to Europe for the summer after my sophomore year, so that I was able to expand my knowledge of different cultures and improve my Spanish. I learned about how to apply and prepare for travelling abroad and saw and experienced a lot. Think of the place you dreamed about going, and go there.

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