Essay on The Experience Of The Hospitality Industry Since My Family

Essay on The Experience Of The Hospitality Industry Since My Family

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When I signed up for this class my knowledge on supervision was pretty low in professional terms. I have always been passionate about the hospitality industry since my family has been involved with it during many years. Also I have had the chance of working in the industry as a manager of a small restaurant where I learned many things. Now that I am close to the end of the semester I can see how many of my past experiences link to the chapters we have gone over during this time and how the things that I have learned can be applied to be a better manager. Out of all the chapters that we have read the ones that I enjoyed the most and considered the most important are: “Communicating Effectively” ,“Planning, Organizing, and Goal Setting” and “Motivation”.
One of the chapters that I considered the most important and also a lot of fun was “Communicating Effectively”. I enjoyed a lot the exercise that we did in class about sending a message through a group and seeing how the information that was communicated from person to person changed within seconds. From what we learned, communication is crucial in the life of everyone in the hospitality industry. An article from Hotelogix said that if he/she were asked which is the most important skill of a manager the answer would be, “I’d say it would be the capability to communicate effectively with the staff, colleagues and guests”. What they mean about this is that the skill that has to be the strongest in a supervisor or manger is the ability of communicating effectively with his/her team. By communicating effectively a team can save time by doing things only once and not having to repeat things because they were not done as expected the first time.
Another Chapter that I considered intere...

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... doing this, the chemistry between all employees surged immediately and we had a happier work place.
To conclude, I consider these three chapters crucial since they are the nucleus of a work environment. As we discussed above “Communicating” is important in order to spread the right message throughout a team. “Planning, Organizing and Goal Setting” are important as well since they are what enable a company to maintain order and a sense of what is currently happening and what will happen in the future. My last would be “Motivation” which is what maintains harmony between all employees because it lets them understand each other and have a voice that lets them know they are important and welcome at their workplace. Together all of these things contribute to the well being of a company since they smoothen tasks, eliminate doubts and preserve interest for all employees.

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