The Experience Of Breast Cancer Essay

The Experience Of Breast Cancer Essay

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CASP was used to critique 29 qualitative studies across the world specifically in the Middle East. Three qualitative studies (Documet, Trauth et al., 2012, Kaiser, 2008, Khan, Harrison et al., 2011), 1 quantitative study (Park, Zlateva et al., 2009) purely investigated the survivorship and survivor identity. The experience of breast cancer following treatment explored many physical, psychosocial, financial and spiritual issues, but did not fully address how culture shapes women’s experiences. The only significant study that inspired me and enhanced my thesis was Kaiser’s study, because it showed how breast cancer survivors craft their own meaning of survivorship experience.
Eight qualitative studies explored the breast cancer experiences in the Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon. They were all phenomenological studies except one grounded theoretical study done in Saudi Arabia by (Saati, 2013). However, the interview guidance and analysis framework were not fully explained for most of the studies done in the Middle East countries. Also, the results did not show in depth understanding of how the culture shapes women’s experience, although one study explained the cultural impact on women’s experience and compare it with the Western literature in the discussion part (Alqaissi and Dickerson, 2010).
In terms of the health care strategies used by the health care providers for breast cancer survivors, there was no data available in the selected studies. In other words, not all the selected studies that explored the breast cancer survivorship experience addressed the health care support following treatment. Therefore, the health care search was conducted separately to i...

... middle of paper ... ‘the same women who always were in the past’ who could live normally, but with breast loss (da Costa Vargens and Berterö, 2007). In culturally diverse cancer survivors (11 Greek, 14 Chinese and 14 Mandarin) a grounded theory qualitative study aimed to understand the concept of survivor. Most of women had not described themselves as survivors because it reminded them with of the disease. Thus, they used alterative terms like ‘saved,’ ‘escaped from death,’ ‘normal,’ ‘not dead,’ and ‘alive’ (O’Callaghan, Schofield et al., 2016). However, it appears that further research related to the linguistic interpretations of ‘survivor’ is needed because some studies like Park, Zlateva et al. (2009)’s study tended to offer a list of identifications, so participants responded to the term that best fit them and failed to show the individual preference in creating their own term.

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