The Experience of Being Bullied Essay

The Experience of Being Bullied Essay

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words feel more like daggers. This simply says that mere name-calling does give rise to a cause of action. It is not necessary to be physically harmed in order to suffer lasting harm. Bullying is usually the intimidation, the process of intimidating or mistreating someone weaker or in a more vulnerable state. This could be teasing or taunting a class mate because they are in some way different. But what happens when our school yard bully becomes our Facebook harasser? This is definitely nothing new to society but thanks to the internet, instant messaging programs, E-mails, text messaging and social networks teens are now being bullied online. Some may feel that bullying is a part of growing up, they may assume that it builds character but in many cases this form of harassment has become a huge problem and the results have become fatal. The experience of being bullied can cause lasting damages to an individual. Victims of cyber bullying may endure and experience long-term emotional damage, anger, low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.
Bullying is a form of abuse. It is a selfish and destructive act, those who organize bullying denote others for the thrill of aggression and dominance. Mark Dombeck, PH.D, writes in his article, The Long term effects of Bullying that “Narcissists treat other people as though they were objects either to be used, or discarded, and the bully both uses his victim for purposes of self-gratification and aggrandizement and then discards him”. Aggrandizement is the expansion of power. Making something or someone appear greater or more intense. David Frattare states that “Kids feel more powerful when they do not come face to face with the ...

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