The Experience Middle School Is It Is More Teaching Life Skills And Academics

The Experience Middle School Is It Is More Teaching Life Skills And Academics

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I feel that in the experience middle school is, it is more teaching life skills and academics. It is more showing what kind of person that student could become. I believe when you are in the beginning around 6 th grade, they need to be more controlled and guided to that self-discipline and if all teachers in the school are doing the same, then by 8 th grade they should know what self-discipline is and be able to respect teachers, the classroom itself, and their peers. I believe that it doesn’t matter whether a student is basically good or disruptive; when it comes to behavior it comes down to how they were raised. It also comes down to how teachers let them act in the past and how they acted in elementary school. I do support the opinion that every student can surprise you and change for the better.

I do not see students as either equals or subordinates. I am supposed to be superior to my students in the classroom, but I see the word subordinate as a negative. They really are just my students. However, you should never let a middle school teacher believe they are viewed jut as equally as a teacher. You are in control of your students in the classroom, but you should always treat your students with respect. No, giving the students a chance at freedom and responsibility is good for students. You can’t just throw them out into the big bad world without giving them tools to be responsible.

I am a very strong believer in Kohn’s theory of teaching. I believe that not having an extreme amount of competition will be good for the student. Yes, a sense of healthy competition is always great. However, students should be working on their own grades and focusing on what will make them succeed best.

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In my classroom, there will be procedures in place for the student to succeed. There also will be a floor plan in which, not only for positive teaching strategies but also for the students to be able to move in the classroom efficiently. I will have an open relationship with my student’s parents, they should be able to ask me questions, email or call whenever they feel they need to. Keeping the line of communication open is really important. I expect the student’s to treat me with respect, as I will treat them with it as well. It is important not to treat middle schoolers like 5-year olds. If you treat them with respect as if they were mature young adults, they are more inclined to act as if they are young adults. I have seen this in many of my classroom observations as a student teacher, and I will positively enforce it in my future classroom as well.

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