The Experience And Observations Of A Newly Introduced Style Of Tutorial And Assessment

The Experience And Observations Of A Newly Introduced Style Of Tutorial And Assessment

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This exploratory paper will discuss the experience and observations of a newly introduced style of tutorial and assessment in first year mathematics service units at the author’s tertiary institution. The students discuss various solutions to previously unseen questions and use a whiteboard rather than paper to show working. Students still attend regular lectures and have both oral and written assessments on several occasions during the semester. This style of tutorial promotes many graduate attributes desired by future employers other than just the attainment of mathematical knowledge. This qualitative paper seeks to impart the experience of this style of tutorial in regards to student engagement, personal growth and assessment of mathematical understanding. Bloom’s taxonomies and Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO) will be used to illustrate the benefits of both the tutorial style and oral assessment approach. Presently, there is no statistical evidence to show any difference in overall pass rate with this new style of tutorial. The main focus of this probing paper is to display another style of tutorial that delivers the opportunity of enhancing a variety of life-skills other than just passing grade.
Keywords: Oral assessment; Bloom’s taxonomy; SOLO taxonomy; student engagement Graduate Skills.
Qualifications are very important in order to secure the first steps on the journey to a chosen career path. Career decisions start around the age of fifteen years with choice of subjects and at which level and then on to a tertiary institution. The word ‘University’ conjures up a variety of ideas from a place of academic learning, a place to research and innovate, to a place to prepare people for future e...

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...her than paper to show working and gives the opportunity to see and alter solutions easily by everyone including the tutor. The tutor consolidates the learning by checking solutions, answering queries and providing hints when necessary.
It is essential that the assessment is aligned with the teaching style as students will participate more fully if there is a purpose and relevance to their study regime. The assessment is conducted in the tutorial, but differs only in that students provide the explanations to the tutor without the same level of assistance in non-assessment weeks. No student is left struggling for an answer as group members can add any details to their peers’ answers. This style of tutorial was categorised as a ‘flipped tutorial’ to reflect that students became peer tutors affording opportunity for peer teaching and peer learning through teaching [5].

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